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What is Camp Discovery?

Every summer approximately 150 kids and 100 adult volunteers spend a week at Camp Discovery having fun, learning new things and growing and developing as people.


The camp is open to Texas residents, ages 7-16, with a cancer diagnosis.  These are great kids who for that week of camp are able to meet and have FUN with others who share their experiences and who understand the unique challenges that they often face because of their illness. It takes place annually in July at the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, TX and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.


The Plan

A former young cancer patient, Craig Egan, President of ACE Technologies, envisioned a unique project for Camp Discovery 2010, the construction of a state of the art, all electric vehicle.   From concept to creation, this one of a kind technology utilized the support of the Alamo City Electric Automobile Association. 

This project, led by Craig and Gary Krysztopik, required over 1,000 hours of engineering and design work. Through the financial generosity of the San Antonio Automobile Dealers Association and many others, advanced vehicle components were purchased for the kit.

 The young campers were the driving force to transform the motors, wires and wheels into a vehicle for the 21st century, a true discovery of strength and determination.   Campers choose the name, ☠The Discoveryâ™ in discovery of their new skills and talents.

With a top speed of 50 MPH and acceleration of 0-30 in 3 seconds, this extraordinary all terrain vehicle will drive one to new discoveries.